The main perk of membership is the Honors Career Fair, where top companies will come and specifically recruit from students in honor societies. Beyond that, becoming a UPE member will help you network with other top students and also have your resume included in the resume book which is sent to top companies.

Induction Process

New candidates are inducted during Fall and Spring quarters. For Fall quarter, candidacy is calculated using GPAs and unit count from the previous Spring, and for Spring it is calculated using GPAs and unit count from the previous Fall. We receive names of qualified candidates from the counselors, so we can not make exceptions. Candidates who meet the requirements listed below will be sent an invitation email before 1st week.

Undergraduate Requirements

To be eligible for UPE membership, undergraduates must rank in the top percentage of their class. Eligible candidates must:

  • major in Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, Linguistics and Computer Science, or Mathematics of Computation
  • be in the top 1/3rd of their class and have at least a 3.5 GPA
  • have Junior/Senior standing (90+ units)
  • took at least 8 units of UCLA CS or PIC courses

GPA Cutoffs for Spring 2023 Quarter

Major Junior Standing Senior Standing
Computer Engineering 3.902 3.866
Computer Science and Engineering 3.847 3.837
Computer Science 3.890 3.838
Linguistics and Computer Science 3.808 3.767
Mathematics of Computation 3.872 3.873

Staying Involved After Induction

1. Become an Officer

Officers have specific roles that define what they need to do for the club. Most work for UPE will involve hosting events to help computer science at UCLA succeed in their classes and careers. In addition, there will be weekly meetings that usually run for about half an hour to give updates. Officers are expected to dedicate around two hours a week (or whatever necessary to finish their required tasks) to UPE in addition to tutoring during the winter. Perks of being an officers include officer retreat, networking with top students, and fun social events throughout the year!

Officer Requirements

As of Spring 2018, in order to be eligible to run for an officer position, the candidate must have finished the induction requirements and 3 electives before the election date. During elections, the candidate can run for 3 different positions, and if elected to one of these positions, will be an officer for UPE the next year.

2. Become an Active Member

Active members are able to be just as involved in the UPE community as officers but don’t have a specific officer role. They are invited to attend all socials except for retreat. Active members are required to help at a tutoring event and also participate in a few UPE events during the quarter. The active membership program exists to allow members to stay involved in UPE with less commitment than having an officer position. Additionally, members must be active members for at least 2 quarters in order to run for an officer position or to vote in officer elections.